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A wedding bomb, a letter and an unlikely suspect

The couple He wanted to tell us that the plot was executed by three people. He wanted to be taken seriously, so he was kind of blowing his fake cover by pointing out a mistake we had made," Mr Bothra said. Mr Bothra sought records of the case. He found that the police had bungled while deciphering the parcel booking receipt - the untidy and hurried scrawl of the sender's name did not appear to resemble SK Sharma. "If you observe the writing closely, the name is more akin to SK Sinha or SK Singh - look at the loop in the end. And the police, the media, the survivors all kept repeating the sender was SK Sharma. And since we knew he had used a fake name, we did not bother about it." Image caption The police read the recipient's 'fake' name wrongly "I kind of instantly sensed the killer had himself sent the letter. How did he know that SK Sinha had sent the parcel? He had made a big mistake. The letter was the turning point in our investigation." Forensic scientists say they found a number of faint, unhelpful fingerprints on the letter. They sent the envelope to extract a genetic profile from the saliva the sender may have used on the glue seam, but none was found.

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